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Leased Labor is a great alternative for many of our customers who are struggling with recruitment.  For any number of reasons it may be difficult to hire labor into your organization at current market wage rates.  If this describes your current environment we can help.

  1. The process begins with a discussion of your labor needs and classification of the work.  

  2. We will give our best estimate of the wage range that must be offered to find viable candidates.  The leased rate is the hiring wage of the leased employee multiplied by a variable factor.  The factor is reduced as placements increase.  The range begins at 1.6 and 1.75 depending on the number of placements. If the final pricing is acceptable then we will move forward with the recruitment process.

  3. A contract agreement is signed by both parties outlining the recruitment wage range, charges for labor, and specifics needed for both parties protection.

  4. We begin advertising, utilizing our networks, and interviewing candidates.

  5. We coordinate successful hires to complete any drug screening or background requirements you may have.  We perform a background check on our applicants but any additional screening costs are paid by the customer.

  6. We conduct training with the new hire in regards to the customers policies and procedures, safety, harassment, and best practices for their job.

  7. We coordinate the placement onto the job and follow up regularly to monitor success.  If needed, we discuss issues with employees and assist in coordinating schedules and information.

  8. If for any number of reasons you wish to stop using the employee we will immediately begin a search for a replacement.

Placement Services are a traditional service that staffing agencies typically offer. This process works the same as Leased Labor except for the following differences:

  1. The customer sets the wage they would like to recruit at.  

  2. The employee is leased for an agreed amount of time before being hired into the customer's company.  At the transition of employment from Service Express to the customer, the customer will pay a completion fee equal to 2.5% of the positions annual salary. 

Recruitment Services are focused on sending you qualified candidates.  This effort requires advertising, screening, interviewing, and coordination.  We must recoup our costs from the process itself.  The structure for this service is as follows:

  1. The customer sets the wage they would like to recruit at.  

  2. We charge a set fee per month per active job being recruited.  This fee will be developed specifically for the position opening and the type of search required. 

  3. We submit a monthly activity report to the customer outlining advertising, recruitment contacts, interviews, and activity relative to the position.

  4. When a successful hire is coordinated there is a completion fee equivalent to 2.5% of the positions annual wages. 

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