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Do you experience a condition that impacts your employment?

Service Express works with companies that employ people with disabilities.  If you have a qualifying condition, they may have a great job for you.  Here is what you can expect working with them.
1) Flexibility
They can customize your job to fit the days, hours, and times that work best for you.
2) Training
They have online and in person training available to employees.  They are industry leaders and utilize the best equipment, materials, and practices.
3) Supervision
They beleive in kindness, cooperation, communication, and tolerence.  Everyone is in a safe space and are treated with dignity and respect.
4) Value
They are mission based and go to great lengths to offer the best pay and benefits for the industry.  They are more concerned about your well being then they are about profits.

Do you think this could be a good fit for you?

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